Speaker Information + Resources

Introduction including a welcome, summit dates and goals and what they'll find on this page

Quick Access Links

How it'll all work

Event details including dates, presentation format, when the promo period is, and what the upsell includes

What I'll need from you

Introduce the purpose of this section.

1. Basic Information

Explain what kind of information you'll need to feature them on your website

2. Presentation Slot Scheduled

Explain how presentations will work and give them a link to schedule their time

3. Presentation

Include details and requirements about their presentation including allowed formats and a suggested outline

4. Worksheet

Explain why you're including worksheets and options for how they can be created

5. Power Pack Contribution

Give details of why you're including extra contributions and give examples of what they can contribute

6. Promotion

Share when the promotion period is and what kinds of resources you have for them

7. Live Participation

Include details on what kind of live participation is required

Affiliate Details

Share affiliate details including when payouts will be made, what the commission levels are, and what the price points of the offer are. Include a link to create their affiliate account.

Resource Vault

List and include links to the resources you've created

Current Action Steps

List the important action steps with relevant links

Important Dates

List important dates including due dates, the summit start date, promo start date, etc.

Tell them where to contact you with questions